How Many Wedding Porta Potties Will You Need on Your Big Day?

wedding porta potties in a row

The day of your wedding will be amazing, exciting, and likely stressful. You’ll have more details to manage than you can imagine, and the last thing you want to worry about is the state of the bathrooms. You certainly don’t want to wonder about it while you’re walking down the aisle – that’s where gotügo comes in! We supply the wedding porta potties so you can focus on enjoying this once in a lifetime event.

Why are portable restrooms such a good idea at a wedding? It’s often the only way to add additional facilities to a venue. Think about all the choices you make; restrooms at your venue are often a given. However, can you be sure there are enough bathrooms for your guests? We’re going to help you figure it out.

People often wonder how many wedding restroom trailers they’ll need. The answer? It depends. As a point of reference, we checked the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s site for their standards. They specify that for between 111 and 150 people, employers must provide six toilets for men and six toilets for women. One additional toilet must be provided per sex for each additional 40 employees over that number.

Remember, this is the standard for the working environment, not for several hours of dining, drinking, and dancing. So, as you calculate how many guests you’ll have and how many toilets you’ll need, think about the type of wedding you’re hosting. Hiring gotügo to manage porta potty rental for weddings that serve alcohol and a sit-down dinner is a must. The more your guests eat and drink, the more they’ll appreciate the extra restrooms. Think about the ratio of women to men at your wedding. We all know women traditionally take a little longer while using the facilities. You’d hate to see your female guests stand in a line all evening while the men’s room stands empty; make sure you’ve planned for that as well.

Everyone at your wedding will likely use the restroom. Surprisingly, not everyone eats cake, and some people will never notice that beautiful flower arrangement on their tables. But at some point during the day, nature calls for everyone. If you’ve provided wedding porta potties that are clean, well stocked, and readily available, your guests will be in and out in no time, and back to enjoying the celebration.

At gotügo, we provide wedding porta potties that range from the affordably simple to the elegantly appealing. We can supplement the facilities at your site or provide them for a site that has none. Every one of our porta potty rentals for a wedding will be clean, comfortable, and professionally maintained. So, as you think through how many you’ll need for your big day, plan on using gotügo. Our professional staff will work with you and stands ready to answer any questions related to the number of and style of bathrooms you’ll need on your big day.

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