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Pinterest is a two year old social bookmarking site that has recently boomed in popularity during 2011.

Pinterest acts as a virtual pinboard, allowing users to create and curate aesthetic content and ideas. Pinterest is unique due to its visually-oriented nature, and serves as a source of inspiration for users, providing interior decorating ideas, recipe suggestions, and event planning guides.

While Pinterest has been used for a range of artistic and creative project ideas and inspiration, the site has become exceptionally useful for brides-to-be in planning their dream nuptials. Pinterest is continually full of new ideas and event planning tips, so we suggest turning in your three ring binder and joining other modern brides in this revolutionary wedding planning platform.

Gotügo continually services Wedding Portable Restrooms for outdoor weddings and large scale event venues, and we want to help contribute to making your day a success. Below we have shared some tips on the best ways to use Pinterest to plan a wedding:

  • Break down planning into simple categories and create a board for each aspect of the wedding. Some ideas for wedding categories include: Dresses, Invitations, Flowers, Cakes, Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Photography, etc.
  • Follow Wedding Experts on Pinterest. Wedding blogs, such as Style Me Pretty and The Knot, have a large presence on Pinterest, and will provide continual new ideas and inspiration.
  • Download the ‘Pin It’ bookmark that allows you to easily add pictures to your pinboards. If you come across ideas and images while browsing the web, simply hit ‘Pin In’ and select which board you would like to add your pin to.
  • Ask others for feedback on your pins and ideas (if you want to). Pinterest makes it easy for others to comment directly on a Pin, and this way others can be included in your planning.
  • Download the Pinterest App. The mobile version includes all the normal Pinterest features, with the added capability to take pictures on the go and transform them into pins. This app allows you to easily capture wedding ideas anywhere, and we consider this a must have for brides on the go.

We find Pinterest to be an extremely useful tool for planning large scale events, because it allows you to visually keep track of each detail in an organized and simplistic manner. We know every aspect of your wedding day is important, and Pinterest allows you to keep track of all your ideas, from the venue even down to the portable restrooms.  At Gotügo we strive to contribute to the wedding of your dreams, and hope the services and immaculate portable restroom units we offer can make your outdoor wedding a great success.

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