Ultimate Outdoor Wedding Planning Guide

portapottyweddingAn outdoor wedding is the perfect way to celebrate the union of two people. The beauty of all the happy guests, and the splendor of the couple make nature a perfect complement to the occasion. There are, of course, many preparations that must be made for such a lovely event, so gotügo is here to provide you with tips to plan the perfect outdoor wedding.

Select a Safe Date

Timing is everything! We’ve heard this many times, but it especially applies in the case of your wedding. Regardless of where you live, there are certain seasons that are more ideal for an outdoor affair than others. This is quite possibly the most pivotal factor to consider for your outdoor wedding plans. A gray sky can leave you and your guests less than dry. Schedule a rain date in the event that you need a back up. You can plan a perfect wedding, but you can’t predict the weather.

Ask About Set Up Time

Florists, caterers, and other service providers you might employ are a vital part of bringing your event together. Be sure to find out how much time they’ll need to set up, and allow some additional time in the case of any unforeseen circumstances. This will ensure that the ceremony can begin on time.

Prevent Unwanted Guests (BUGS!)

Many insects enjoy the nice weather as much as you do, and they’re sure to join you on your big day. The good news is, there are precautions you can take to ensure that they won’t!. Have the outdoor area sprayed and treated for mosquitoes, gnats, and other insects up to two days before the event. A bug-free area definitely isn’t worth sitting in a cloud of nasty chemicals. The day of your wedding, citronella candles are a great layer of added defense against pesky critters, as well as adding a nice decorative touch.

Executive-Restroom-TrailerProvide Your Guests with Restroom Access

You don’t want your guests “holding it” during any portion of the ceremony. Make sure that there are portable restrooms or trailers nearby for the comfort and convenience of everyone. gotügo offers a wide variety of portable restroom options, each of which is perfect to suit your wedding needs, regardless of duration, location, or scale.

Work With Nature, Not Against It

If you’re planning to have your wedding outside, there is no sense in trying to recreate an indoor venue. Utilize the outdoor space to your advantage, and allow flowers and foliage to act as decoration. This will ultimately save you time, money, and effort.

Consider Electrical Needs

This is key! Chances are that the outdoor space is sprawling, and guests might not be able to hear what is being said during heartfelt moments. You’ll need speakers and microphones to project sound to make sure they don’t struggle to hand onto each word. If you plan for your wedding to last into the late hours of the night, you’ll also want to have lights present. You want everyone to see the fruits of your planning labor, don’t you?

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