Use Restroom Trailers for Your Outdoor Wedding

Executive Restroom Trailer from gotügo

If you’re getting married during the spring, summer, or even the early fall, having your wedding outdoors is extremely popular. Planning an outdoor wedding requires a lot of work as you get all of the details together, from the tables and chairs to the sound system. One more detail you don’t want to forget is providing portable restroom facilities for your wedding guests.

Why Restroom Trailers are Necessary for Your Outdoor Wedding

Some wedding sites offer restroom facilities, but even at those sites the restrooms may not be ideal for your setting. If you’re using a casual outdoor site, like a park, the restrooms may not meet your standards for cleanliness, especially when your guests are going to be all dressed up. Other outdoor sites have nice restrooms, but they’re too far away from where you’re holding the wedding.

Other wedding sites don’t have restrooms at all. A remote location might be picture perfect for the wedding, but not have any on-site plumbing. If you’re having the wedding in someone’s yard they may not want to have guests coming into the home. In all of these cases, renting restrooms is the best way to provide your guests with the facilities they need.

Types of Wedding Restroom Trailers Available

Wedding porta potties go far beyond most types of portable restrooms you’ve seen before, offering a clean, spacious, and comfortable place to use the restroom and even touch up your makeup. In fact, you can choose from several main types of wedding restroom trailers:

  • Large trailers with multiple stalls and sinks like the Executive Restroom Trailer from gotügo are appropriate for very large weddings with no other restroom facilities available. These have a huge 900-gallon holding tank, which is perfect if you have a huge guest list and a long reception planned. They also have tons of extra features, including air conditioning and heating, decorative lighting, and high-quality flooring.
  • Trailers with three separate stalls, two for women and one for men, are perfect for creating a home-like experience for guests. Each restroom in our Formal Plus Restroom Trailer is fully self-contained and is decorated just to look like an interior restroom. Having two available for women keeps you from having a long line accumulate.
  • Our Formal Restroom Trailer is perfect for smaller sites or events with smaller guest lists. They still have all of the features you need, including hot and cold water in the sinks and multiple stalls for men and women.

Getting the Right Trailers for Your Wedding Site

As you’re deciding what types of wedding restroom trailers to choose, consider the constraints of the site. The trailer needs to be placed on a flat surface and some types need access to water hookups. If you’re having both your ceremony and reception outdoors in different areas of the site, you may even want to rent two wedding porta potties so guests have easy access. Your goal is to provide guests with a clean, elegant restroom that fits right in with every other carefully planned aspect of your wedding!

Exquisite wedding restroom trailers from gotügo provide that essential grace and cleanliness you need from your portable restroom rental. Contact us for a free quote for your own special event!

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