The Advantage of the Portable Restroom Trailer

portable toilet trailerWhen it comes to providing restroom options for people at outdoor events, construction sites, or festivals, the two chief options available are porta potties and portable restroom trailers. For many people, however, the terms are used interchangeably, even though there are some pretty notable differences between the two options. Those seeking to provide their guests, patrons, or employees with comfort should familiarize themselves with these key differences so they can make the best decision regarding the options available. Here is what those in the market for portable restroom options should know.

The porta potty is typically a standard single unit that has room for a single toilet. These units will offer privacy, stability, and convenience for everyone using it. There will be toilet paper dispensers and ventilation systems to keep the unit as clean as possible. Variations of the porta potty can include having a sink available, a changing table, ADA access, and porta potties that can be conveniently moved around a worksite. Worksite options might include having a unit equipped to be easily lifted by crane, or having the unit on wheels and designed to be easy to navigate so that it can be raised to higher levels of a construction project for the convenience of all employees.

The portable restroom offers additional room and more amenities than the standard porta potty, making them ideal for formal events, more permanent work sites, and other situations where the additional comfort will be appreciated by those using the facility. Extra amenities may include options such as separate men’s and women’s restrooms, or multiple stalls and sinks in each option. There are also air conditioning options in addition to the standard ventilation, AM/FM radio or CD players, water hookups for sinks and toilets, well designed interiors that look sleek and professional, and more. For those considering trailers for their work sites, construction restroom trailers can include winterization options, non-skid stairs, fireproof doors, and similar protections to ensure the safety of all users.

Users appreciate these trailer options in many situations because they offer the room and amenities to feel comfortable. Many people find themselves even comparing these options to indoor restrooms.

Porta potties and portable restroom trailers both make it possible for patrons, guests, and employees to be comfortable, even when spending time outdoors. Those interested in renting options should carefully study the differences between the standard porta potty, and the more spacious portable restroom trailers. This will make it easier for them to select the idea restroom trailer for them and the needs of those in attendance.

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