What to Look for in Wedding Porta Potty Rentals


An outdoor wedding can be lovely, especially in early summer and fall. However, such weddings have special requirements that indoor weddings do not, including providing restroom facilities for your guests. Though it may not be the first thing you think about when planning your outdoor wedding, having the necessary facilities for your event can make the difference between a successful wedding and one where the guests are squirming uncomfortably in their chairs.

Before you hire the first portable restroom vendors you see, consider these things to look for in porta potty rentals:

  1. Size. How many units and the size of the portable units are both major considerations when shopping for portable facilities. You don’t want your guests to have to wait in line very long to use the facilities. You’ll also want to decide whether you want individual, freestanding units, or trailer restrooms. Another consideration is whether you’ll need at least one ADA-accessible unit or a unit with a baby changing station if you’re allowing babies and children at your wedding. Trailer restrooms offer more room than traditional freestanding units. Many restroom trailers offer most of the amenities of a permanent restroom.
  2. Accessories. Today’s porta potties come with an array of options. Optional features include interior lights (a good idea for evening weddings), mirrors, paper towel dispensers, and foot-activated, fresh water flushing units.
  3. Hand-washing station. Since you’ll likely be serving food at your wedding reception, adding a hand-washing station to your portable restroom order makes sense. Such stations include a soap dispenser and a large, fresh-water tank as well as a paper towel dispenser. These units are generally set up right in front of the porta potties.
  4. Professionalism. Just because you’re dealing with restroom facilities doesn’t mean you have to work with a company that’s less than professional. A good supplier with tell you all you need to know up front, put it in writing and stand behind his company’s work. Expect no less.

If you are looking to fulfill your portable restroom needs for a wedding or other outdoor event, gotügo meets all of the aforementioned requirements. Choose a wedding portable restroom unit today or contact us for more details!

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