When Do I Rent an Executive Restroom?

When you are planning a special outdoors event, especially one that involves a large number of guests, it’s important to remember just how crucial it is to arrange for proper bathroom facilities. If your event is not outside but is slated to take place in a remote location with few amenities, you will also need to take care of providing additional bathrooms.

As you consider your options for renting porta potties, you don’t have to settle for individual porta potty accommodations. Instead, you will want to rent an executive restroom to ensure that all your guests will be comfortable, relaxed, and unhurried on event day.

Whether you are preparing for a wedding, business retreat, corporate fundraiser, or any other high-profile event, portable restroom rentals should be among your highest priorities. Otherwise, you run the risk of offending guests who are displeased by the accommodations, and the lack of proper facilities could put a huge damper on the event.

At the very minimum, as the host of an event, you are responsible for providing sufficient restroom facilities to accommodate large crowds of attendees. In a worst-case scenario, you could find that the crowds overwhelm the meager facilities and find themselves going off-site in search of relief.

This is why so many organizations have come to rely up on gotügo for all their porta potty rentals. We have been providing service in the Maryland, Washington D.C., and Northern Virginia areas since 1980, achieving a reputation amongst our competitors for providing the highest level of customer service and immaculately clean rental restrooms, all at highly competitive prices.


An executive restroom trailer provides privacy with separate men and women’s restrooms. The trailer measures 24 feet by 8.5 feet, and each restroom has two white pedestal sinks and as many as four stalls with locking doors that extend from the floor to the ceiling.

All of our executive restroom trailers come with water hookups and feature air conditioning, which is especially crucial when you are planning an event that is expected to take place during hot weather.

gotügo Executive Trailergotügo Executive Trailer Sinkgotügo Executive Restroomgotügo Executive Trailer Sinks

For added comfort, they have external night-lights, aluminum steps, stone linoleum floors with a diamond pattern, and decorative lighting inside. Contributing to the ambiance, there is an AM/FM CD player that you can use to play relaxing music. The sinks have vanity lights surrounding safety-backed glass mirrors for the occasional necessary touchup.

Our team takes pride in focusing on even the tiniest of details. For example, the white pedestal sinks have beautiful chrome faucets, which feature an auto shut-off ability to help you save water.

We provide city water hookups as well as a 900-gallon holding tank with each executive restroom trailer, making them ideal for accommodating crowds at large events, festivals and celebrations.

At gotügo, we are proud of our devotion to providing excellent customer service and the highest quality bathroom facilities. If you have any questions about using our executive restrooms or would like to arrange to rent them to enhance your next special event, please feel free to contact us through the website at your earliest convenience.

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