To Use or Not to Use: The Porta Potty Debate

While most people probably prefer to use their own bathroom when nature calls, sometimes it just isn’t possible, and “holding it in” can be harmful (or even fatal – think back to 2009 when a Sacramento radio station (KDND-FM) contestant passed away due to water intoxication from an on-air water-drinking contest).

It’s important to take care of your bodily needs as necessary. Many people, however, are hesitant to use portable restrooms (aka porta potties), due to cleanliness concerns. We speak from experience when we say that portable restrooms can be just as clean and nice to use as a regular bathroom! At gotügo we proactively make sure you have everything you need to feel as clean as possible when using one of our units. Gotügo can even provide an attendant to keep your unit(s) stocked, and also offer portable sinks, and hand sanitizer stations as well. Our restroom trailers are even air-conditioned.

So the next time you gotta go and see one of our units, come on in – you just might be pleasantly surprised.

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