Fun Crafts from Recycled Toilet Paper Rolls


In addition to serving the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area with superior products and customer-centered service, gotügo supports environmentally friendly activities of all kinds, including crafts. What better way to welcome spring than by engaging in some “go green” crafting activities?

Your empty toilet paper roll normally serves no purpose other than as an indication that someone forgot to change the roll. But before you dismiss that unappealing, hollow cardboard cylinder, consider some alternative uses for it. Here are a few inventive, fun things your old toilet paper rolls can become:

Paper Flower Wreath


Spring has officially sprung, and as we welcome back green trees and blooming buds, consider creating your own decorative flower wreath. A simple, affordable craft, all you need to do is collect several rolls, flatten them, evenly size the rings, and glue! Paint the rolls before cutting them to customize the color of your  paper flower wreath.

Miniature Lanterns


Ideal for those summer nights to come, these miniature lanterns made of toilet paper rolls are sure to impress. With a few snips of the scissors and some paint and glue action, adding the wire to hang is simple. If these colorful creations interest you, more detailed instructions can be found here.

Cardboard Art Caddy


Need to organize the kids play area? Who knew old rolls of toilet paper could help you out! Simply glue rolls of all sizes together on a flat piece of cardboard and your cardboard art caddy is ready to take on all kinds of supplies.

We were shocked at the array of useful things a simple used roll of toilet paper can transform into with a few basic art supplies. As we progress through spring and head into summer, keep in mind that a little goes a long way when it comes to “going green.” And remember, as always, gotügo has you covered for all of your outdoor portable bathroom (and toilet paper roll) needs!

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