Corporate Events Demand Upscale Elite Restroom Units for Impressing Clients

No-frills portable restrooms may be suitable for construction sites and emergency situations, but when you are hosting an upscale corporate event, elite restroom units are more likely to be in tone and theme of the event and much more likely to impress your guests.

Elite restrooms are designed to impress, thanks to the many special features they offer that give the user more comfort, privacy and amenities than the traditional portable restroom. Elite restrooms can be leased either as separate units or grouped together in modules of three separate restrooms to accommodate both men and women.

Unlike the typical bare bones portable restroom which offers just a urinal and a sink with recycled water, the elite restroom offers beautifully appointed decor, including a vanity complete with mirror and lights, counter-top sinks with running water, porcelain toilets that are hands-free for flushing, as well as temperature controls such as heating and air conditioning to keep the restrooms comfortable despite any weather situation.

Additional amenities that characterize elite restrooms include hooks for hanging coats and purses while using the restroom accommodations, elegant toilet paper and paper towel dispensers, reinforced wall construction for the ultimate in sound-proofing and privacy, along with hardwood or carpeted flooring.

When a guest at a corporate party, wedding or other important special event enters an elite restroom, there is no tell-tale odor, wet floor or inadequate supplies as is often the case with traditional portable toilet outhouses. The comfort level, decoration, lighting and temperature is equal to and often above that of the finest in-door restroom facilities. Elite restrooms are also meant to impress corporate guests with the spacious size of each toilet stall, as well as the elbow room afforded everyone surrounding the vanity and sinks. Party planners have plenty of space to position bouquets of fresh flowers to add to the pleasant ambiance of the elite restroom.

Most elite restrooms are elevated off the ground and accessible via a short two or three step stairway with safety rails. Elite restrooms can also accommodate elderly and disabled guests using an access ramp for entry rather than a staircase.

One three-unit elite restroom trailer module can accommodate up to 400 guests over a period of eight hours and several module groupings can be leased in order to accommodate offering several locations for restroom facilities throughout a special event site.

Sparkling clean and pleasant restroom facilities at corporate events is every bit as important as the menu planning and entertainment. Elite restrooms offer a level of service unmatched by any other portable restroom option.

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