Biggest Bathroom Myths Exposed

Everyone is always wary of getting sick; hand sanitizer and constantly washing ones hands takes up a good portion of our days. Some folks are more “germaphobic” than others, but are the typical places we’re cautious of germs really as infected as we once assumed?

WebMd put together a survey of the places most adults consider germy. The most common answers were porta potties and public restrooms (door handles and toilet seats). When compared to the actual studies on bacteria found on various surfaces the results were quite different. In fact, porta potty and public restroom germs are found in much fewer quantities than other places most people overlook:

  • 76% of those surveyed thought porta potties were full of germs and bacteria, but in fact they have less germs than a picnic table!
  • Public restroom door handles were thought by 64% to be abundant with germs whereas ATMs were considered fairly germfree. It’s the exact opposite! ATMs are proven to hold more germs than public restroom door handles.
  • Airplane toilet seats have more germs than the typical fast food restaurant toilet seat – a fact that 75% of those surveyed thought the opposite.

In regards to the study, University of Arizona microbiologist Charles Gerba, PhD, a leading researcher better known in the science world as “Dr. Germ” said, “Most people consider porta potties and other public toilets to be the worst places in terms of surface germs. But in reality, they don’t even come close to what you’ll find on ATM machines, phone receivers, and elevator buttons.”

The porta potties rented by gotügo offer multiple sanitary options. All come equipped with a coat hanger so nothing is left sitting on the floor where people have trekked in germs. There are Porta Potty with Sink options in addition to our freestanding portable sinks. Our team is also available to answer any sanitary questions our customers have.

Bottom line: porta potties have a bad rep, but in actuality are cleaner than most people think!

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