Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets with Service for Construction Sites

The construction site is a place that has a lot of action and busy people at all times. The various contractors and laborers come and go. Different vendors along with supply services are making their way to and from the site often.

If the construction site is located in a remote site or it is in a residential area that really doesn’t have a lot of retail stores, this can be a real inconvenience, and also a serious expense for the contractor.

List of Benefits

  • Less loss of time from a worker needing to make the trip to a publicly available restroom. Worker’s traveling to and from restroom’s available off-site are subject to wasting valuable time that their employer pays them due to the length of the trip and time spent going from construction site to a publicly available restroom.
  • The benefits also overlap onto the representation of the construction company performing the services at the construction site. In this day and age professionalism and concern for the environmental impact is seen as a real sign of quality and expertise.
  • Convenience is also a major deciding factor when renting portable toilets for your job site. Being able to use the toilet at you leisure does have some serious advantages.
  • The presence of porta potties on the job site shows that the servicing contractor providing service on the construction site is acting in a manner of professionalism. By providing toilet facilities for their crew. This in itself demonstrates the contractor as an employer who knows the value of their team.

The average construction laborer frequents the toilet and restroom 3 times in an 8 hour shift. The laborer spends approximately 3-4 minutes in the restroom if it is on-site. If the lavatory facility is off-site the average laborer spends 15-28 minutes traveling to the facility and then 4-9 minutes using the facility. This adds up to 19-37 minutes a trip or up to over 1 ½ hours. If you pay a laborer worker $12.00 per hour, that can amount to each worker getting up to $18.00 per shift to use the restroom.

The benefits that result from providing these services far outweigh the cost of not having them present on the construction site.

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