8 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Outdoor Party

At gotügo we consider ourselves more than just portable toilet providers. We want to make sure that whatever kind of event you’re planning is planned properly! We’ve gathered a list of 8 tips that will help you plan a great outdoor party that your friends will talk about for years to come!

Be creative yet sensible in your outdoor party plan

Outdoor parties give you the opportunity to be at your most creative. Many of us think of such parties typically happening on rolling lawns or in large back yards, but the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Forest locations, historic sites, and city venues are all candidates. Some of these places may require permits. If you’re interested in a particular site, don’t exclude it until you’ve inquired about it. When you’re in the planning stages of your next exciting get together event, open your mind to the many possibilities.

Basic outdoor party considerations

Once you’ve gathered and researched a list of possible sites and arrived at some viable candidates, it’s time to consider other issues.

Outdoor Party FoodFood: If you’re looking for a relatively carefree gathering, consider convenience foods that are pre-prepared and easily served. Tasty dishes of many ethnic types, from Greek to Persian, are composed of pastry filled with vegetables or meats. These are easy and neat to eat. Fresh vegetables and traditional snack type foods are generally popular and relieve you of dealing with messy dishes and lots of trash. When choosing catered foods, aim for those that are not too messy or moist. Don’t forget intriguing beverages. Also remember to observe alcohol restrictions.

Trash: Make certain you have enough trash receptacles to handle your trash as well as paper towels, cleanser, and hand wipes. Being able to clean up quickly and haul it all away will leave more time for fun and games with your guests.

Games: Consider easily portable traditional games. Badminton, volleyball, and even crochet are easy to set up and challenging to play for a few individuals or even larger groups. If your event takes place in or near an open area, don’t forget about kite flying. It’s not difficult to make an empty field transcend its sense of ordinary, to become a place of enchantment.

Insect Repellent: When your outdoor event takes place in the spring, summer, or even fall, uninvited guests such as mosquitos, flies, and ants are likely to come for a visit or even a bite. Try to be green in your choice of repellant, as some can harm more than just insects.

Plan Lighting: If you’re going to extend your party ’til after sunset, consider solar lamps. They can charge during the day and be placed anywhere, lighting your way without the need to stretch about power cords. These aren’t exotic and you can find them at many home improvement stores.

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Music: Make certain to have music on hand that everyone will enjoy. There are plenty of different speakers to choose from, but look for blue tooth speakers that can sync with your phone or tablet to play your music.

Toilets: Not every site you consider will have toilets available. Don’t force your guests to leave suddenly or prematurely due to indigestion or other matters. You may be surprised to find that renting a porta potty is fairly reasonable and can make attending your event much more comfortable and anxiety free. When you want to rent a portable toilet, contact gotügo for clean, professional, and reasonably priced services.

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