Here are 5 Popular Porta Potty Pranks


Is there a porta potty around? Chances are some amateur hijinks are due to take place. Yes, porta potties have become a favorite prop among pranksters. After all, when it comes to potty humor (literally!), what’s more fun than pranking your pals while they’re handling their business. Porta potties have become somewhat of a media and Internet phenomenon – here’s a look at some of the top porta potty pranks to date:

5 Porta Potty Pranks

  • “Explosive”: This one isn’t so much a prank on your pals as it is on bystanders. All you need to do is pour some chocolate all over your clothes, wait until someone walks by, and then walk out like you just “exploded” in the can. For bonus points, you can even add sound effects.
  • Banging: An oldie but a goodie, for cheap laughs all you need to do is wait until your buddy enters the porta potty. Wait a few seconds and then go bang on the walls or roof to startle them. You just might not want to sit next to them for the rest of the day if you know what we mean.
  • Tipping it: This prank is funny, but it can be messy and dangerous. It simply consists of waiting until someone has entered a porta potty and holding the door shut while you tip it over. It’s messy because who knows what the victim inside is getting all over him or herself, but it can also be dangerous. For instance, a Pennsylvania man was paralyzed when a tipping prank went wrong. To take this prank to the next level, you can also completely flip over the porta potty, but this too is dangerous and can open up the culprits to potential legal issues – not to mention the liability and costs associated with cleanup and repairs. Safe to say, it’s probably best to avoid a prank like this one.
  • The Switch: In one Internet classic prank, a group waited until a man walked into a porta potty and then quickly moved a makeshift set of a conference room in front of the door. As you may have guessed, when the man was done taking care of business, instead of walking back out into the park, he walked into a mock business meeting. This prank would obviously take a lot of effort, but the payoff is hilarious.
  • The Scare: We don’t advise you try this prank inside of a porta potty that’s been used, but one funny prank is to hide inside the clean toilet section of a porta potty and then jump out and scare a person after they enter. Again, if the porta potty is being used, proceed to do this prank at your own risk.

Porta potty pranks can be creative, gross, or even dangerous, so it’s important to use good judgment before you act. As always, keep safety at the forefront of your mind when it comes to having some harmless fun; if you pull it off right, it can be a prank for the ages.

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