Here Are 4 Really Funny Porta Potty Pranks


There’s just something about a porta potty that seems to bring out the practical joker in many people. It’s one of those private spaces that is out in public, and some can’t resist the impulse for bathroom humor. At gotügo, we like to relax sometimes. These 5 prank videos will have you seeing the lighter side of sanitation.

Water Balloon Prank

College pranksters get the idea to create a giant water balloon and throw it off of a tall dorm room and onto a pair of porta potties below. The camera angle is shaky, and the video is full of shouts from the crowd gathered to watch. The boys get a surprise when they manage to aim the huge water balloon onto the porta potties, and the roof of one of the units caves in. Luckily, gotügo porta potties are built using the latest engineering technologies, and won’t collapse under pressure.

Porta Potty Home

An altogether different prank video from a British TV show, this one doesn’t rely on bathroom humor. A man orders food delivered to his “home.” When the delivery drivers arrive, they see a typical porta potty outfitted with an astroturf lawn, a mailbox, flowers, and its own street number. Watch as, one by one, they go through surprise, shock, and acceptance that this is someone’s home. They tentatively knock, and a well-dressed gentleman opens the door and pops out to accept his delivery.

Porta Potty Shower Prank

As pedestrians try to use the john in this popular video, they open the door to find a nude woman showering. This is a trick porta potty that’s been converted to a shower. The surprise on their faces is priceless. Watch as the video progresses and she lures strangers over to hand her shampoo that’s placed outside the stall.

Police Car Prank

In this video, a prankster parks a police car in front of a porta potty, which blocks the door from opening enough to let out the person inside. In this case, it’s a trick porta potty with a secondary rear exit. The person trapped inside is in on the prank and wearing a police costume. Watch as he cracks the porta potty door open and convinces pedestrians to move the cop car just enough to let him out. Then he sneaks out the back door, hides around the corner, and flags people down as they move the cop car.

If all of the hilarious and ingenious pranks have got your mind on porta potties, be sure to contact us for help in arranging for portable toilet units to be at your next outdoor event.

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