Porta Potty Rental Planning Guide

Porta Potty Rentals Guide
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Scenario 1:  you’re hosting a graduation party, family reunion, outdoor concert, wedding reception or some other type of event or festival that’s anticipating a large crowd. Scenario 2: perhaps you manage a construction site and need to work out your restroom options. In both scenarios, porta potties come in handy because there’s no better way to tend to the washroom needs of a large group of people.

Porta potty rentals provide hands-off convenience for you: the vendor drops them off when you need them and picks them up when you’re done. The porta potties themselves are highly accessible in that they can be placed just about anywhere on your property. Most porta potty rental contracts are flexible, with units available on a daily, weekly, monthly, or long-term basis. Porta potty rentals come in a variety of models and are priced to fit different budgets. Portable restroom rentals generally cost $75 to $125 per day and discounts are commonly offered for more long-term rentals.

If you’re planning a big outdoor event or prepping your next construction site, take a look at this porta potty rental guide:

    • Shop local: The best way to get the service you want is to rent porta potties from a locally owned company. Renting from a Maryland porta potty rental company like gotügo both supports local business and connects you to a company better equipped to understand your needs from a geographic and even environmental standpoint.


    • Select the model that’s right for you and your occasion: There are two types of porta potties. While the portable restroom models are the most basic – restroom trailers (otherwise known as executive porta potties) are more luxurious options, offering flushing toilets, sinks with hot and cold running water, mirrors, and lighting. Some models even offer air conditioning and heat. Wedding porta potties are likely candidates for the executive porta potty rental options to complement the elegance of the event. Renting a porta potty in Maryland for a construction site during the winter? It might not be a bad idea to rent a trailer unit equipped with heating. However, for the more low-key needs associated with a construction site or concert venue, a basic model is a more cost-effective option.


    • Select the right number of units: While porta potty companies can help you determine how many units you need to have, the rule of thumb is one porta potty unit for every 50 people at your function. This should help you budget accordingly.  If there is alcohol being served make sure you increase the number of porta potty units by 20%.


    • Consider accommodating special needs: Companies offer ADA and baby station models, and you likely won’t even have to upgrade to the more spacious trailer models in order to rent one. Our ADA Porta Potty and Porta Potty with Changing Station are just a few examples of such considerations.


  • Choose accessories: Aside from the porta potty bathroom units, you can rent certain accessories with porta potties, such as portable sinks and hand sanitizer units, which disperse soap and water. There are even specific units that are all-inclusive and contain a sink within your unit. You can also rent water and waste-holding tanks in anywhere 100- to 250-gallon models, which are an ideal accessory if you need to rent porta potties over a long term.

If you have any questions about porta potty rentals for big social events, call the experts at gotügo today at 410-360-1215 or drop us a line via email!

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